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Happy Zygote-day!

May 11, 2010Carole 5 Comments »

Sometime today,  you will get a call from the fertility clinic to let you know how many eggs have fertilized and possibly how many eggs failed to fertilize.  Rarely, you may hear that none of the eggs fertilized. So what happened in the lab leading up to this phone call? Your embryologists were in the […]

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Life happens behind the lab door…egg retrieval day.

May 10, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

Although I am interested in many things and fascinated by all things reproductive, I’ve noticed that not everyone shares these passions. However, on the off chance that you might be interested in what egg retrieval day in a good lab is like, I thought I’d invite you in for a fertility lab insider (FLI) on-the-wall […]

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Interview your doctor

May 7, 2010Carole No Comments »

Okay, you have narrowed your candidate list down to one or two doctors you want to interview for the job of your fertility doctor. Now what? Call and ask for a new patient appointment. Find out how much they will charge for the appointment. Rarely, you might get this first appointment for free. You might […]

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Using CDC reports to find a good fertility doctor…part two.

May 6, 2010Carole 8 Comments »

The CDC website has the complete listing of programs that reported to the CDC every year since 1996. The CDC even maintains a list of non-reporting programs (for year 2012, for example). On your browser, go to the CDC ART reporting home page to get started. On the home page, you can select the most recent […]

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Finding a good fertility doctor…part one.

May 5, 2010Carole 12 Comments »

Like any profession or service, not all health care providers are created equal. Since it’s your future we’re talking about, let’s find a doctor in the better than average side of the bell curve. You have probably seen the “rate your doctor” websites and even Angies list now offers ratings on doctors for their membership. […]

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Are you infertile?

May 4, 2010Carole No Comments »

It may surprise you to know that the natural pregnancy rate for a woman in her twenties is only about 20-25% each month, so not getting pregnant the first or second month you are trying to conceive does not mean you are infertile. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has published guidelines for doctors on […]

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Why infertility problems are different.

May 3, 2010Carole No Comments »

If you break your arm, it’s a relative straightforward problem to solve and most ER doctors are probably equally proficient in setting your arm. You won’t be embarrassed about breaking your arm, and it won’t affect how you feel about yourself and your partner. Getting treatment for the broken arm won’t increase the chances you’ll […]

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