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Colorado Amendment 62 pits embryo against mother

November 2, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

On election day 2010, the people of Colorado will be asked to vote on a proposed amendment to their state constitution, which if passed, will define personhood this way: “the term ‘person’ shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.” A similar amendment was roundly defeated […]

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Chlamydia infection is a common cause of fertility problems

November 1, 2010Carole No Comments »

Dr. Martin Keitz and his colleagues at St. Luke’s Hospital and the Columbia College of Physicians presented a retrospective study on the effects of previous chlamydia infection on the chances of conception with IVF at last week’s  annual ASRM meeting. A review of nearly 1300 patients who were tested for chlamydia showed that only 10% […]

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