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Readers’ favorite Fertility Lab Insider posts of 2010

December 30, 2010Carole 3 Comments »

Dear Readers, When I started this blog in May 2010, I needed a way to keep doing what I loved, namely, the lab part of reproductive medicine. Without a lab and newly unemployed, my blog became my virtual workplace. I have been overwhelmed by some of the wonderful comments I have received over the months, […]

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Why you need to play an active role in your fertility care

December 28, 2010Carole No Comments »

Our health care system is capable of great things but too often falls short on fulfilling its full potential for the end user – the patient. Especially in the reproductive field in the US, there is weak federal oversight, few professional standards and inconsistent state regulation to define what is the best medical practice for […]

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Bisphenol A (BPA) and egg quality

December 27, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

In their study, “Serum unconjugated bisphenol A concentrations in women may adversely influence oocyte quality during in vitro fertilization” published in Fertility & Sterility , University of California researchers reported a direct link between detectable amounts of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) in IVF patient’s blood and reduced egg quality. BPA is a well-known endocrine […]

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Happy Winter Solstice & Good Fertility Wishes!

December 21, 2010Carole 2 Comments »

On one December day each year in the Northern hemisphere, the earth is tilted at its furthest limit, leaning away from the sun. Today, Dec 21, at exactly 6:38PM EST, those of us in the Northern hemisphere will be tilted furthest from the sun and experience the fewest hours of daylight and the longest night […]

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Your embryo may arrive with a barcode attached

December 15, 2010Carole 2 Comments »

When our son was born and we were getting ready to go home, our nurse cheerfully cut off his ankle identity band and said, “I’ve removed his tags. He’s yours now. No returns. No refunds”. That was sort of weird but consider this, your  IVF baby may soon be issued her own bar code before […]

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Global Outsourcing of IVF

December 13, 2010Carole 2 Comments »

I touched on the topic of medical tourism in a previous post, Affordable IVF?, in which I talked about “IVF Vacations” and patients seeking IVF outside the US because it was less expensive.  But this practice has expanded considerably for patients who need donor eggs or sperm or the services of a gestational surrogate to […]

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Older IVF patients, cancer and parenting

December 10, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

The sad news that Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of politician John Edwards,  died this week at the age of 61 after a long struggle with cancer made me reflect on several issues related to IVF. Mrs. Edwards family life was complicated in that she and John had four children, two early in the marriage  and […]

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Can Alternative Medicine Complement IVF Treatment?

December 7, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

There is a huge amount of interest in using alternatives to traditional Western medicine to treat a variety of diseases and infertility is no exception.  Everyone wants to find something (for example, acupuncture, herbal medicines) that could be used to improve the  pregnancy rates from traditional medical treatments which are far from 100% effective. Recently, […]

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Ten things about IVF that you must know

December 3, 2010Carole 1 Comment »

If I could only tell you ten things about in vitro fertilization (IVF), what ten things are most important to know?  What would I want my sisters to know? Here’s my list. If you want more information, there are links to previous blog posts on each topic. I have added a search box to my […]

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Airport security scans and fertility

December 1, 2010Carole No Comments »

It’s the holiday travel season and the new full body scans used for airport security are on everyone’s mind. Aside from issues about civil liberties, are these scans safe? On the internet, you will easily find hysteria based on bad facts, unfounded fears and conspiracy theorists who believe that our government is trying to kill […]

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