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Is IVF dangerous to your health?

January 31, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

The British Medical Journal published an article (27 January 2011) which shines a light on a rare and largely avoidable complication from IVF, namely death. Although extremely rare, the European study found more maternal deaths occurred in 100,000 IVF pregnancies (42) compared to non-IVF pregnancies (6). The causes of these IVF-related death were related to […]

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INVOcell: Not nearly IVF

January 28, 2011Carole 8 Comments »

There should be a limit to what women are expected to subject themselves to for pregnancy. In my opinion, INVOcell is one thing too much. INVOcell is a device that is marketed as a low cost alternative to IVF even though  it appears to have none of the advantages and several disadvantages in efficacy and […]

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What is aneuploidy?

January 24, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

The term aneuploidy gets thrown around a lot to explain infertility, particularly infertility associated with advanced maternal age. Wikipedia does a pretty good job of defining aneuploidy. Aneuploidy is an abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell. This begs the question,  “What is the normal number of chromosomes in a cell?” In humans, twenty three […]

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Could infertility insurance be part of a basic insurance plan?

January 20, 2011Carole 5 Comments »

You may wonder what national healthcare reform will mean to you and your family. Although a few of the simpler reforms have come to pass, such as letting parents keep their adult children on their health insurance longer, most of the reforms have not gone into effect. It will take six years until all the […]

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Rejuvenating gonads with stem cells

January 12, 2011Carole 28 Comments »

Harvard scientist Jon Tilly proposed a radical new idea about how eggs are produced that called for the existence of ovarian stem cells which could continually produce new eggs. Stem cells are accepted as essential to sperm production in males. In men, the sperm stem cells (called spermatogonia)  produce daughter cells that either make the […]

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IVF predictor smart phone app

January 5, 2011Carole 2 Comments »

There seems to be an iphone ap for just about everything. Well, add pregnancy predictor to the list. Scientists have developed a statistical model for determining your odds of becoming pregnant with IVF based on maternal age, years trying to conceive, donor eggs or own eggs, cause of infertility if known, and past history of […]

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Happy New Year from Fertility Lab Insider!!

January 4, 2011Carole No Comments »

Happy New Year! I hope this new year is a year of resolution of infertility for each and every one of you who are suffering from infertility. As difficult as it is, infertility is not a permanent condition, but a life passage. Everyone with infertility moves on to parenting by some means or adapts to […]

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