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Egg Count Mathematics: Why the numbers change between retrieval and transfer.

February 28, 2011Carole 206 Comments »

Recently, I got some really good questions from a reader who wanted to know why there is sometimes a discrepancy in the number of eggs initially reported at the retrieval and the final egg count. This reader also asked how does the embryologist know that eggs are mature–is it the size of the egg?-  and […]

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Reproductive Bills in the News

February 20, 2011Carole 4 Comments »

It’s that time of year again when legislatures turn to reproductive issues which by their nature tend to be controversial.  Reproductive rights issues are especially controversial because every individual looks at these issues from their own perspective, based on their own diverse cultural and/or religious upbringing and life experiences. Because there is no one perspective […]

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May 5 is National Advocacy Day for Infertility

February 16, 2011Carole No Comments »

People have been talking about DIna Roth Port’s article in the February 9, 2011 Huffington Post called Infertility: the disease we need to start talking about. According to her article,  infertility is not mentioned in high school health education classes and is barely mentioned in classes for  medical school students and yet afflicts one in […]

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A love story for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

The Chicago Tribune published this story about a 61 year old woman who gave birth to her own grandson. Unconventional certainly, but clearly an act of love by a mother that allowed her daughter and son-in-law to have a biological child- her first grandchild. Her daughter and son-in-law had tried IVF for many years and […]

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INVOcell Post Strikes a Nerve

February 9, 2011Carole 6 Comments »

Apparently, “Boris” loves INVOcell and reads my blog. I got his irate feedback the other day on my previous post “INVOcell: Not nearly IVF” and he wanted me to respond to his comment. “Boris”  doesn’t identify himself or his interest in INVOcell but he does appear to have a personal stake in the success of […]

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SART oversight of ART in the US

February 6, 2011Carole 3 Comments »

Oversight of assisted reproductive technology (ART) in the US is not the job of a single government entity like the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in the United Kingdom, but is provided by a crazy quilt of state medical licensing boards, professional societies, state and federal regulations (sometimes not specific to IVF)  and insurance […]

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