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2011 National Infertility Awareness Week

April 24, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

If you ever thought that you were alone in suffering with infertility, the many community events occurring this week (April 24-30) during National Infertility Awareness Week should reassure you that you are far from alone. You have millions of sisters and brothers out there who are walking somewhere along the same infertility road, just starting, […]

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Obstetrical concerns with donor-egg/embryo conceived pregnancies

April 12, 2011Carole 4 Comments »

I don’t usually comment on obstetrical issues because I am not a physician and patients should always talk to their obstetrician, not their embryologist (!),  about pregnancy-related questions. However, I have written numerous posts about donor egg and donor embryo as useful ART methods for women to conceive and evidence continues to accumulate that using […]

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PETA steps in it, just in time for NIAW.

April 8, 2011Carole No Comments »

PETA , aka. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has announced a new give-away in which one ‘lucky winner” who recently neutered their pet can win a free human vasectomy, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week. Not surprisingly, this cavalier use of infertility awareness week to hawk elective sterilization offended many infertility patients, […]

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Gender selection

April 7, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

Preferring a child of one gender or another is as old as sex itself. Old wives tales abound of various methods to ensure that your child is a boy (or a girl).  For prospective parents, determining your child’s gender was believed to be dependent on what you ate, what you drank, what positions you used […]

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