2011 National Infertility Awareness Week

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If you ever thought that you were alone in suffering with infertility, the many community events occurring this week (April 24-30) during National Infertility Awareness Week should reassure you that you are far from alone. You have millions of sisters and brothers out there who are walking somewhere along the same infertility road, just starting, in treatment, or moving past infertility into parenthood or other choices.

If you are just beginning down the road, a good place to start your trip is at Resolve, the non-profit national infertility support group which has local chapters all over the US. Resolve’s website at www.resolve.org is a treasure trove of information. Resolve’s NIAW theme this year is “Bust a Myth” which is aimed at working to improve the conversation and understanding between people suffering with infertility and the often uninformed, but well-meaning family, friends and colleagues who are not sure how to help.

Some of the ways you can get involved with Bust a Myth (copied from Resolve’s site) are listed and linked below:

How YOU Can Bust a Myth?

Attend a National Infertility Awareness Week® Event.

Got a Blog? Join us for our Bust a Myth Bloggers Unite program.

Read the Bust an Infertility Blog Challenge Submissions

Create your own way to celebrate RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope.

Share your infertility story.

Read the Voices of Infertility

Attend Advocacy Day.

Volunteer for RESOLVE.

Add a Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter picture

This might be the week you decide to join a local infertility support group or a virtual on-line support group. Resolve has a list of support group resources on their website which can help you find local Resolve chapters where you live. Resolve has it’s own very large on-line support forum called Inspire which is great for sharing experiences or asking advice or just reading and learning about bumps in the road from others. If you want, you can even start your own local support group through Resolve.

In honor of NIAW, Resolve has posted a listing of various community events ranging from free infertility seminars from doctors, give-aways and contests to charity run/walks.

There are many other on-line infertility support groups that are not affiliated with Resolve that also have a lot of good information. A previous FLI post  “Infertility Support Groups ” discussed various options for finding emotional support near you. The American Fertility Association (AFA) and INCIID, are two other well-respected non-profit groups serving the needs of the infertility community. Like Resolve, these groups have directories of providers, support groups, virtual libraries of information and other resources.

AFA has resources for non-traditional family building as well, including a special section in their digital National Fertility and Adoption Directory (read it from their home page) on options for  LGBT family building. Other sections are devoted to “Trying to Conceive or Adopt”, “Infertility Prevention” and “Male Reproductive Health”.

INCIID , which is an abbreviation of the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination and is pronounced “inside” describes itself as the largest and oldest infertility support organization. They also offer IVF “scholarships” to help with the financial costs of treatments.You can find information on other infertility related topics such as adoption, legal issues, insurance issues and pregnancy loss on these sites as well.

NIAW is a roll-up to National Advocacy Day which is May 5 this year. An earlier FLI post “May 5 is National Advocacy Day“, is filled with links to more information about ways to get involved if you are more politically inclined and want to make a difference.

This week is for you. Know that you are not alone and if you reach out, you will find a lot of new friends reaching out to you.








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  • Egg Donation Mommy Says:

    A one stop shop post, great and useful information! During this week it’s a great time to understand that we’re not alone. Many people going through this choose to keep it private, which is understandable, but this week brings to light that we’re a team working toward, although individually, the same goal. A week dedicated to US!

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