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Surviving Halloween this year and hope for next year

October 29, 2011Carole No Comments »

Most people can imagine that the autumn and winter family-centric holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukkah, and Diwali, just to mention a few, might be hard to endure if you are struggling with infertility, but Halloween, with literally hundreds of (some adorable, some not) children pounding on your door may be as bad or worse. There […]

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Sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI)

October 22, 2011Carole 58 Comments »

One of my readers asked me my opinion of the sperm DNA fragmentation index or DFI. The value of any clinical test depends on a number of factors. Is the test relatively easy to perform or is it subject to exceptional end user skill and ideal test conditions? Some research lab tests don’t translate well […]

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You (and your sperm) are what you eat

October 20, 2011Carole No Comments »

We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat”, meaning that good dietary habits will positively influence how you look and feel overall. But did you expect that the food you eat might have an effect on your sperm? Two new studies presented at this week’s American Society for the Study of Reproduction (ASRM)’s […]

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Medications that can impair sperm quality and fertility

October 17, 2011Carole 46 Comments »

One of the routine questions that patients get asked when they submit a semen sample for analysis is “Have you taken any medications in the last 60 days?” The 60 days is relevant because it takes around 60-70 days for a sperm cell to be produced and so exposures that occurred two months earlier may […]

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What’s the difference between a sperm bank and a “donorsexual”?

October 8, 2011Carole 3 Comments »

Newsweek’s cover this week had an adorable baby with the headline, “You got your sperm where? How to get pregnant, fast, cheap -and in public“. Wow, talk about an eye grabber. In this article you meet a 40 year old virgin who calls himself a “donorsexual” and gives his sperm away (in a cup) to […]

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