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How do you know if your IVF clinic is good?

December 31, 2011Carole No Comments »

I get a recurring question from my readers, sometimes posed in the comments section and sometimes via email. Understandably, patients want a checklist of points to review for good clinics and a checklist of points or warning signs for the bad clinics. Coming up with a “naughty and nice” list is not so simple because […]

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Understanding the Gardner blastocyst grading scale

December 18, 2011Carole 229 Comments »

Recently one of my readers had a question that I think many patients who go through IVF may have. She wanted to understand what blastocyst grading means in terms of embryo quality and then, obviously the implications for herĀ  chances of pregnancy. Her question was: ” I just had two expanded blastocysts transferred on day […]

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