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Buyer Beware: Not All Donor Sperm are Fully Tested

February 29, 2012Carole 3 Comments »

A recent news story out of Fort Worth Texas, Parents Sue Cryogenic Center Over Child’s Cystic Fibrosis ,brought to light a risk that many patients using sperm donors should be aware of. More importantly, it exposes the weak oversight of reproductive technology by both state and federal agencies that are charged with protecting the public’s health. […]

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IVF Frontier: Preventing the Inheritance of Mitochondrial Diseases

February 23, 2012Carole No Comments »

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) of IVF embryos has moved into the mainstream of reproductive medicine. Genetic testing of IVF embryos for known genetic diseases allows the clinician to identify, before implantation, those embryos that carry the genetic mutation for disease. Using this information, patients can choose to have transferred only embryos without the disease gene. […]

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Do you want a sperm count with that Valentine’s Day card?

February 14, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

Next Valentine’s Day, as your dearly beloved runs into the local drugstore for that last-minute Valentine’s Day card and box of chocolates, he will also have the chance to pick up an at home sperm count test called SpermCheck. I used to joke that we take all the “fun” out of conception in the IVF […]

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Antibody against ZP3 may cause infertility

February 8, 2012Carole 3 Comments »

Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis. The usual diagnostic work up has no “AHA!!”  moment and clear treatment plan. In spite of no obvious problems, there’s still no pregnancy month after month. Scientist Dr Megan Lloyd and her team announced the discovery of an antibody against the glycoprotein zona pellucida 3 (ZP3) which induces sterility […]

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Disclosing Medical Errors in ART

February 2, 2012Carole 6 Comments »

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has a Ethics Committee which issues recommendations regarding various ART medical practices. Most recently, they published “Disclosure of medical errors involving gametes and embryos”  If this link doesn’t work, you can download a PDF copy for yourself directly from In this article, the Ethics Committee generally advocates for […]

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