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Q From U: Endometrial Receptivity

June 27, 2012Carole 9 Comments »

From a reader: “I have a question. My lining is not that great for this FET. Now it has grown to 7.5mm thickness but has a nice trilaminar pattern. I am planning to transfer 2 blastocysts. I have an opinion like if the embryos are competent enough the endometrial lining doesn’t matter. From your experience […]

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Talking to your donor-conceived child about their conception

June 18, 2012Carole No Comments »

Now for something a little different. Usually, I talk about the “how-to” of donor conception but the real heavy-lifting comes after the fact. Most IVF programs who offer third-party conception options (donor sperm, donor egg or embryo) typically encourage or require their patients to consider psychological counseling so that they have an opportunity to consider […]

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Q From U: Human IVF Culture Medium

June 10, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

From a reader this week: I was wondering about the culture that is used to put the embryos in. I know nothing about it and got curious. My clinic had to get some particular culture/medium in so they could do day 3 vitrification and it got me thinking. What is the culture? What is it […]

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Epididymis: where sperm get fine tuned and functional

June 8, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

In honor of the up-coming Father’s Day, I thought I’d tell the story of a little known but highly significant male reproductive organ- the epididymis. It is pronounced Eppie-Diddy-Mus which may sound like an urban rapper but I assure you, it is not.  The epididymis which is attached to and  lies just above the testicle, […]

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IVF Horizons: Microfluidics

June 4, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

I am starting another new series called IVF Horizons which will be dedicated to reviewing what the new advances in IVF clinical therapies might be. Today’s topic is microfluidics, possibly the next new method for better fertilization and embryo culture. What is microfluidics? Microfluidics is a technology based on the behavior of fluids at micro […]

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