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Romney’s VP Pick is Co-sponsor of Anti-IVF, Anti-Woman Personhood Bill

August 31, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

If you feel that IVF is a useful medical advance that has helped millions of couple’s start and grow their families worldwide and you want to prevent the criminalization of IVF  in the US,  then you should be aware of House Bill 212, called the Sanctity of Human Life Bill. It was introduced in Jan […]

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Is IVF working well for you?: What are the signs of a “good” IVF cycle?

August 19, 2012Carole 3 Comments »

If you get pregnant from IVF, obviously your IVF cycle went well. But if you aren’t getting pregnant, how can you tell if your cycle went as well as could be expected or whether your IVF results are such that you should reevaluate whether IVF is likely to work for you? I found a very […]

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