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Future Therapies: Uterus Transplant

September 21, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

There’s been a lot of “firsts” in reproductive technology recently and I will cover another one of them today.  Last weekend, at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg, two moms donated their uteri to their daughters in uterine transplant procedures. In each case, the hope is that by surgically transplanting the mother’s uterus into her daughter, the […]

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Genetic Testing: Do you really want to know your genome?

September 19, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

If you could know the DNA sequence of your entire genome- the instructions that make you who you are–would you want to know it? What if knowing that sequence could help your doctor identify drugs that will work best for you and avoid drugs that are unlikely to work or cause severe side effects for […]

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Reproductive Biology Lessons for the Politically Active

September 3, 2012Carole 14 Comments »

As a public service in this election season, I am happy to clarify a few reproductive biology facts that many social conservatives (e.g. Representative Todd Aiken) seem to have forgotten, never learned or perhaps have willfully ignored. 1. Women do not have a magic vagina to ward off attacking sperm from a rapist. If we […]

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