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Time Lapse Embryo Imaging: How it may change IVF.

October 28, 2012Carole No Comments »

I have been going to the annual American Society for Reproductive Meeting (ASRM) for years and frankly, some years it felt like the field was stagnating but this year was different. I will be writing a series of posts on what I thought was especially interesting from this year’s meeting. Here’s the first. I have […]

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Mixed blessings: Family members and Third Party Reproduction

October 17, 2012Carole 5 Comments »

Sometimes family members do much more to help with infertility treatments than provide emotional support and advice. Some family members may donate gametes or carry a pregnancy for a relative. This act of generosity can make the difference for some couples but also has the potential to cause family rifts if entered into without sufficient […]

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Fertility Lab Insider listed among top web sources for infertilty info

October 15, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

It’s always nice to get a thumbs-up for your work. I got this email today from Lilly McCann, journalist, copywriter and representative from on-line pharmacy KwikMed. “Hi Carole, I am pleased to inform you that Fertility Lab Insider has been recognized for excellence due to the contribution its top quality editorial offers the infertility advice world. KwikMed […]

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How healthy are your team’s business ethics?

October 7, 2012Carole No Comments »

I wrote this article for Journal of Clinical Embryology because I was concerned about the dangers of unregulated free enterprise driving the business of  IVF,  especially in  small stand-alone practices which operate under strong economic pressures without any independent ethical oversight. (Originally published in the Journal of Clinical Embryology, Vol. 15, no 3. Fall Issue 2012, […]

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Future Therapies: Eggs from stem cells

October 5, 2012Carole 7 Comments »

Many years ago, I had a conversation with a patient that stuck with me. One of our IVF patients wistfully asked me, “Can’t you just knock two eggs together to make a baby?” She was in a lesbian relationship and like most people in love, wanted to share a genetic link with her partner via […]

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