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Embryos for Donation: Where are the ethical boundaries?

November 25, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

Recently Dr. Craig Sweet of Sweet Fertility published a thought-provoking blog post entitled “Why Creating McEmbryos is Plain Wrong” which describes his misgivings with the alleged practices of another infertility clinic, California Conceptions, as reported in a recent LA Times article, “An Ethics debate over embryos on the cheap”. In the article, LA Times reporter […]

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The link between Cystic Fibrosis and infertility

November 14, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

Andrologists performing semen analysis sometimes encounter¬† patients with no sperm in their ejaculate. There can be many reasons for “shooting blanks” ; the sperm factory could be closed (spermatogenesis failure) or the plumbing could be blocked (previous scarring from infection or a vasectomy) or the plumbing could actually be missing. The tubing that connects each […]

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Pending Reproductive Rights Bills

November 8, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

With the Fiscal Cliff dominating the political landscape for the foreseeable future, the issue of where we spend our limited tax dollars is going to be a topic of fierce debate. It seems timely to talk about pending infertility-related bills that have budget implications. The infertility support group Resolve has a webpage devoted to legislative […]

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GOP Platform seeks to ban creation of embryos (IVF).

November 5, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

I try to refrain from political posts because I know patients want to know about technical aspects of IVF, not my political opinions–and by now– the day before the election- even the most partisan are sick to death of politics. But the main reason I bother with this blog –which generates no income and costs […]

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Developing a better crystal ball to predict IVF success: IVF prediction software

November 2, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

Before we start down the road to IVF, is there a way to determine the probability that IVF treatments will work for us? Is there a way to predict our risk of multiples when we are being asked to decide between transferring one or two…or even three embryos? I failed my first IVF, what are […]

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A face only a mother could love? Facial Recognition Software for Donor Matching

November 1, 2012Carole 12 Comments »

One of the most surprising things I saw at the ASRM 2012 annual meeting was a new service which may revolutionize how patients pick sperm donors. When picking a donor, patients are given lots of information: race, blood type, height, hair color, eye color and maybe some information about years of education, hobbies etc. But […]

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