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POST UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming influx of survey respondents, GenePeeks has suspended the $10 gift card incentive for participation at this time. You can still use the link to contribute your feedback so that GenePeeks can create a better sperm bank, but respondents will not receive gift cards. GenePeeks is especially looking for feedback from individuals who have used a sperm bank previously.
Rebecca Silver, Director of Marketing at GenePeeks, asked me to tell my readers about a sperm bank user’s survey they designed to find out what past (or future) users of donor sperm banks would like to see in an ideal donor bank.  In my previous post, Creation of “virtual”  children identifies risky donor genomes for recipients, I discuss GenePeeks’s new genetic testing service for both sperm donor and clients to predict whether a particular genetic recombination will be more likely to result in genetic inheritance of a particular disease gene. GenePeeks testing services will be offered through a new sperm bank they are creating, hence the survey to help tailor the sperm bank to client needs.
Information about the survey is copied below  from Ms. Silver’s email  to me:
“As we prepare to launch this new and improved sperm bank, we are looking for feedback from potential customers (either those who have used a sperm bank or are interested in using one) on how we can make the experience as enjoyable as possible (regarding the genetic as well as the non-genetic elements).
We’ve devised a brief survey to collect this kind of feedback, and we are willing to  offer a $10 Amazon gift card to those who complete it. Would it be at all possible to add something about the survey to your post?

Fertility Lab Insider Disclosure: I have no financial interest in GenePeeks.

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