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Financial Planning for Infertility Treatments

January 23, 2013Carole No Comments »

I have to let you know about a great on-line video I just saw  that has lots of tips and ideas for affording infertility treatments. It’s called Financial Planning for Family Building, and was recorded live at the Fertility Planit Show LA 2013 earlier this month.  (You can watch all the Fertility Planit videos for […]

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Reproductive Choice: A two-sided coin

January 22, 2013Carole 3 Comments »

For the last twenty years, I have been fairly obsessed with human fertility, both personally and professionally. Since 1995, I have been engaged in a profession that is clearly pro-life in that it seeks to solve the problem of human infertility, one patient at a time. I am also pro-choice. Those views are not opposites […]

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Widespread access to effective infertility treatments remains elusive; what you can do to change that.

January 21, 2013Carole 2 Comments »

On this Presidential Inauguration Day, I think about where we are in this country and where we are going. It’s also the time of year to think about professional and personal goals for 2013. What can we do better? One of the professional goals I have is to try to make infertility treatments more effective […]

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A possible molecular basis for recurrent miscarriage identified

January 16, 2013Carole No Comments »

When we think of infertility, we immediately think about the problem of not being able to get pregnant. But getting pregnant is not the same as having a child. The other end of the sharp stick in the eye that is infertility is the problem of getting pregnant- sometimes easily- but not being able to […]

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Egg freezing lost “experimental” label but still not routine for all labs

January 12, 2013Carole No Comments »

You have probably heard by now that egg freezing is no longer defined as “experimental” by ASRM. What does this mean to patients? It means that the process of egg freezing, especially when vitrification is employed, can yield as good as fresh results. It does not mean that every lab can deliver those “good as […]

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“Hey Doc, is that my IUI sperm?”

January 10, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

This is a question that you might be reluctant to ask, but you really should.  The story Fertility doctor quits insemination after sperm mix-ups describes the sad tale of a 72 year old physician who finally quit performing inseminations in 2012 after three women came forward with children born after being inseminated with sperm other […]

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Some tips for having a better conversation with your IVF Lab

January 9, 2013Carole No Comments »

Note to Readers: This post is being published simultaneously here and on Fertility Within Reach  as a guest blogger post.  Fertility Within Reach is a relatively new non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and empower patients to be able to obtain the best possible infertility care. Fertility Within Reach is  working to develop tools […]

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Supreme Court Decision: Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Stands

January 8, 2013Carole No Comments »

On Jan. 7, 2013, in a move that pleased scientists who study embryonic stem cells, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case which called for prohibiting federal funding of embryonic stem cell research according to this Forbes magazine article.  The decision leaves intact President Obama’s 2009 executive order to fund embryonic stem cell research […]

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Infertility Treatments and your Taxes

January 2, 2013Carole No Comments »

It’s that time of year again.  If you are employed, your employer must send you your W2 forms by the last day of January and by April 15, 2013  you must file your annual federal and state tax returns. Most infertility patients still do not have full insurance coverage for their treatments and find that […]

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