Financial Planning for Infertility Treatments

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I have to let you know about a great on-line video I just saw  that has lots of tips and ideas for affording infertility treatments. It’s called Financial Planning for Family Building, and was recorded live at the Fertility Planit Show LA 2013 earlier this month.  (You can watch all the Fertility Planit videos for free from this webpage.)  The Financial Planning video covers a live panel discussion with audience questions with four women who are each working on making IVF more affordable for patients.  Panelists include Davina Fankhauser, Founder of Fertility Within Reach, Nicole Lawson, Baby Quest  Foundation Founder, Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos, Co-founder Global IVF, and Attorney Wendy Hartmann, who specializes in estate planning for same-sex couples.  Each of them brings a unique perspective on the issue of paying for treatment, based on personal experiences with infertility which they also share. You can meet Davina and learn more about Fertility Within Reach’s mission by watching her video here.

Some of the topics they discuss are:

  • How to get your employer or insurance company to cover IVF. Understanding and negotiating your infertility benefit is an older Fertility lab Insider post on the topic.
  • Which states already cover IVF, and how to encourage your state to mandate  infertility coverage
  • Infertility treatment loans through banks (Wells Fargo may now offer them, as per the panel) or through the clinic. (I previously posted on treading carefully when considering a loan through your clinic)
  • Discounts on fertility medications from EMD Serono or Ferring, the two biggest companies that sell gondotropins.
  • Seeking less expensive IVF, egg donation and surrogacy services abroad. I blogged about some of the  legal ramifications medical tourism previously. And another post on Global outsourcing of IVF.
  •  IVF4Everyone site that offers free advice on how to find lower cost or even free IVF.
  • Lists of employers that offer IVF coverage in their employee insurance plans on the INCIID website, another infertility support site.
  • Banking on the Future, explained in this video; a program whose purpose to assist patients who need cryobanking services to preserve their fertility.

Listen to the interview but then also visit their websites and also the other linked urls in this post for more information:

Fertility Within Reach has a Financial Assistance Application Guide  page which has links to other sites that offer financial assistance to patients in the form of grants or loans. Some private foundations (Baby Quest is one of them) offers grants to pay for IVF to eligible patients. Baby Quest is less restrictive than many foundations because they don’t discriminate against same sex couples or single women or limit applications to their state or community.

Global IVF’s website has a Cost Comparison page which shows you how much less infertility services cost in some other countries. Even if you have no plans to travel abroad for IVF, it’s an eye-opener. You can also find a list of global companies that specialize in helping patients plan IVF trips. Two caveats with medical travel for IVF to other countries. Before you go, make sure you understand the laws of your county and the one you are going to–especially if you are using egg donation or surrogacy services– to understand the laws governing citizenship and also who can be named as parents on a birth certificate. Also, particularly with surrogacy, if you are using a surrogate abroad, you are going to have to be comfortable with even less control over the gestational environment for the surrogate.

Previous Fertility Lab Insider posts on paying for IVF include  Stretching the Infertility Dollar , Paying for IVF: Shared Risk Programs and Insurance Coverage for IVF.

Until we have universal coverage for infertility treatments, each patient will need to hobble together a plan to pay for these expensive treatments without going bankrupt or selling off all their assets. Bookmark this page and come back to check out all the urls– you might be surprised at what you can save! Good Luck!



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