Happy International Women’s Day!! How will you celebrate?

March 8, 2013Carole No Comments »

Today, March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day, observed since 19o8!  See what your sisters are doing here and on Facebook.

What’s the point of International Women’s Day? It’s a day to reflect on woman’s place in society. Do women have the same rights as men here in the US and everywhere? Well, in my opinion, it’s still a work in progress. Even here in the US, we still earn less than men for doing the same work. We still had to listen to ill-informed men with political influence explain to us how during a “legitimate rape”, we can avoid pregnancy by “shutting that whole thing down“. It is encouraging that idiotic statements like these received the derision they deserve.

We have more women in high profile positions than ever before. I think we may see a female US president in my lifetime. There is much to celebrate, but still work to do.

My 17-year old daughter rolls her eyes at me when I “get my feminism on”, which actually makes me both happy and sad. On the one hand, I am glad that she doesn’t see any obstacles in her future. She has plans for college, for a professional life and for a family some day and doesn’t assume she’ll need to give up one to succeed at the other. It makes me a little sad that her generation doesn’t really appreciate that equal rights aren’t enshrined forever but are constantly being adjusted, pushed forward and back. Most of us tend to be politically reactive, happy to ignore politics and get on with our lives, until we feel pain. We don’t react to protect our rights until we actually lose them for a while.

In 2013, we are still fighting the old battle for the right to decide if, how and when we become mothers. If contraception is not covered by our insurance plans or is otherwise made difficult to obtain, we aren’t really free. If we lose the autonomy over our bodies afforded us by Roe vs Wade, we aren’t really free. If the Personhood movement has it’s way, the theoretical rights of the embryo will trump the actual rights of the woman, then we aren’t really free. If we can’t afford infertility treatments, they become illegal or we are otherwise forced to delay effective treatments that make having a child possible, we aren’t really free.

In my perfect world, women would only have children when they want them and then, they would have them easily. I want every child to be a wanted child. I want to live in a society that supports women and their families. How about you?

What does your perfect world look like?


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