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National Infertility Awareness Week 2013

April 21, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

What a week it has been.  This last week (beginning on April 15) we saw horrible events at the Boston Marathon, tearing apart the lives of many families. I am exhausted by the violence and carnage we must, it seems, expect in the modern world, but within the mayhem, I see hope. Each time we […]

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Blastocoel fluid as a DNA source for PGD/PGS

April 17, 2013Carole No Comments »

In the most current issue of Reproductive Biomedicine Online, IVF researchers in Europe (S. Palini, L. Galluzzi, S. De Stefani, M. Bianchi, D. Wells, M. Magnani, C. Bulletti) have reported  in their paper “Genomic DNA in human blastocoele fluid”,(DOI: 10.1016/j.rbmo.2013.02.01) that: 1) they were able to recover embryo DNA from the fluid-filled center (the blastocoel) […]

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Q from U: Is testicular stem cell transplantation real or a hoax?

April 11, 2013Carole 2 Comments »

Recently, I received this question from a blog reader, ” I want to ask you about testicular stem cell transplantation– is it true or hoax?”. The short answer is, “No, it is not a hoax, but it is not a clinical treatment yet either”.  I found this review article, “Restoring Fertility in Sterile Childhood Cancer […]

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IVF Pioneer Robert Edwards died today (April 10, 2013).

April 10, 2013Carole No Comments »

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, pioneer in IVF died today. Sir Robert Edwards died in his sleep today after a long illness. He was 87 years old. Here is a BBC article announcing his death.  This article about his early academic life which led, ultimately, to the clinical offering of IVF and […]

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FDA cracking down on non-compliant IVF programs

April 2, 2013Carole 8 Comments »

The FDA appears to be getting more serious about IVF program compliance with their regulations, specifically regarding whether a person is medically eligible to donate gametes. Used to be, you never or rarely found a warning letter to an IVF clinic but fairly recently, there were two issued, for a clinic in Florida  and one […]

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