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Q from U: Can I use frozen donor eggs from a friend?

June 26, 2013Carole No Comments »

I received this question via email recently: “We have a friend who has frozen eggs and wants to donate them to us, the issue is that the eggs were originally for her and her husbands use so they did not do FDA testing as it was not required. The eggs are from 2009 I believe.  […]

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Want to add your voice to the Fertility Lab Insider 2013 ASRM poster?

June 21, 2013Carole 10 Comments »

An essential part of healthcare is how information is communicated with the patient. As a patient, you have the responsibility of clearly making your symptoms, problems and concerns known to your doctor, nurse and lab director. Likewise, your health care team needs to communicate effectively with you so that you understand your diagnosis, your treatment […]

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Are you addicted to IVF?

June 5, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

Is it possible to get addicted to infertility treatments? In her book, Passage Through Infertility Treatment: A Stage Theory“, Janet L. Blenner describes eight emotional stages that couples may work through on their way through infertility treatments, particularly those that do not resolve with pregnancy:“ experiencing a dawning of awareness, facing a new reality, having […]

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