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Update from RESOLVE: new legislation that may aid infertility patients

July 31, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

Here is a posting of an email I received today from Barbara Collura of RESOLVE (the largest national infertility support group) about new currently pending legislation that would be extremely beneficial to infertility patients if passed. I have mentioned these three pieces of legislation before, but her email below has useful links and a call […]

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Happy World Embryologist Day: July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013Carole 2 Comments »

Last October, a few embryologists led by Liesl Nel-Themaat of Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology organized a survey of embryologists to see whether they’d like to organize a holiday to celebrate the profession of IVF technicians (embryologists and andrologists) . The survey is available on-line here.¬† Anyway, the results of the survey were: Name of holiday: World […]

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How to get insurance coverage to pay for IVF: Information and a new forum to get help

July 18, 2013Carole 3 Comments »

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is much more effective than it used to be, delivering rates at average US IVF clinics of greater than 40% take-home-baby rates (CDC data for 2011 reported by SART) and at the best places, over 70% take-home-baby rates for their youngest patients. IVF is being used not just for people struggling […]

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Q from U: Why am I struggling to get pregnant with my second baby?

July 3, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

I recently had a question from a reader who got pregnant easily with her first child¬† but hasn’t been able to conceive on her own since the first successful pregnancy and birth. She wanted to know, “How is this possible?” We tend to think of infertility as an on or off switch or a label. […]

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