Update from RESOLVE: new legislation that may aid infertility patients

July 31, 2013Carole 1 Comment »

Here is a posting of an email I received today from Barbara Collura of RESOLVE (the largest national infertility support group) about new currently pending legislation that would be extremely beneficial to infertility patients if passed. I have mentioned these three pieces of legislation before, but her email below has useful links and a call for action. It’s up to all of us to try to move progressive legislation forward.

“Today there are three bills in Congress that will bring financial relief to people diagnosed with infertility who want to pursue medical treatment or adoption to build their families. This is the most legislation in recent memory that has ever been introduced in Congress that would positively impact the infertility community.

Now you can be part of history. Let’s work together to help pass the Family Act, The Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act, and the Women Veterans and Other Healthcare Improvement Act.

Here is what you can do:

Send a letter to Congress. RESOLVE’s Action Alert system makes it very easy as it allows you to send a letter via our website and you can even personalize your letter with your story so your Members of Congress understand how important the legislation is to you. Our online system even determines who your Senators and Representative are. Check out our federal legislation page and click on the link for any of the bills and you will find the link to send your letter immediately.

Call your Members of Congress. Surveys show that only 20 calls from constituents are needed for a bill to the get the attention of our elected officials. Even if you sent a letter, please call. If you only do one thing, please call. We have created a script for you and made it very easy.

Connect with your Members of Congress online. Social media allows you to directly connect with your elected officials. Most Senators and Representatives have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Connect with them today.

Do not underestimate the power of your voice and your story. Members of Congress support bills that matter to their constituents.

Thank you for your continued support.


Barbara Collura
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

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  • Carole Says:

    I just sent emails in support of these 3 bills to my representatives. Using the links from the post above, it took less than 2 minutes per bill. Will you join me in supporting these bills to help the infertility community? Thanks!!!

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