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Q from U: How detrimental are vacuoles in sperm?

September 15, 2013Carole No Comments »

Another blog post idea came in from a patient recently. Question: I would like to see a topic on what happens for those with vacuoles on the sperm. 1) Can sperm that looks normal but has vacuoles actually penetrate the egg? Or do they lack the ability to do so? 2) What does it look […]

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Q from U: Should I do my IUI at home?

September 13, 2013Carole No Comments »

Today I received a question from a patient which I thought might be a good one for the Questions from You  (Q from U) series. Question: We have been trying to conceive for 8-9 mo  without any success and recent semen analysis showed poor results. We are thinking to try IUI at home before we […]

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OvaScience’s mitochondrial egg booster product may face FDA delay.

September 11, 2013Carole 2 Comments »

Some of you may have been following my posts on rejuvenating older eggs: Can ovarian stem cell technology replenish ovarian reserve? Rejuvenating gonads with stem cells In these posts, I mention the product Augment, which is being developed by the company OvaScience, as a means to boost egg quality in older women.  The idea behind […]

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