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Hope: the Double Edged Sword

January 26, 2014Carole 1 Comment »

I just finished reading this article in Elle, “$47,000 Dollars Later, I have no baby: The IVF Scam”.  The author Ali Margo, at 43, has finally given up hope that she will ever have her own genetic child and feels, well, robbed. I also read this rebuttal from someone who works for one of the […]

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Why this blogger is not a doctor substitute

January 25, 2014Carole 2 Comments »

So here’s the thing. I am not an MD and have no desire to be one. Still, I get lots of questions from patients that stray into territory that belongs between the patient and their doctor. For example, should I try lab test/procedure A or B? My answer is usually something like, based on my […]

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The trust factor in ART

January 16, 2014Carole No Comments »

Some time ago I wrote a post called,  “Hey Doc, Is that my IUI sperm?” which was a cautionary tale about a 72 year old physician who routinely used his own semen to impregnate his IUI patients. In that post, I give patients some  practical tips about what they can do to protect themselves. A […]

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