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Baby with three parents?- aka. mitochondrial therapy

February 28, 2014Carole No Comments »

Would anyone read an article about mitochondrial transfer? Not so much. But a screaming headline about human babies that have three parents? – now that gets everyone’s attention. Reality as usual, is more nuanced than the headlines. So before all the hyperventilation starts, let’s get the science part straight. Mitochondrial DNA. We inherit our mitochondrial […]

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Q from U: Fertilization in the wild… and in the dish

February 16, 2014Carole 8 Comments »

I received this question from a reader this morning and it seemed like a great topic for my “Q from U” Series. I obviously know the basics (of fertilization), but I recently found out that a just ejaculated sperm can not immediately fertilize an egg. How much time and what does the sperm go through […]

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