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ASRM objects to Supreme Court Decision on contraceptive coverage

June 30, 2014Carole No Comments »

I was pleased to see that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) released a press release objecting to the Supreme Court’s decision today to allow a for-profit corporation to decide to not provide certain types of contraceptives due to religious beliefs held by the owners. See the press release copied below: ASRM BULLETIN¬† Volume […]

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Q from U: Philosophical questions about IVF

June 15, 2014Carole 4 Comments »

The other day I received an email from a patient who wanted to understand what it feels like emotionally to be an embryologist. I thought her questions were interesting and ones that most people in this field probably think about at one time or another – or obsess about always. First, I preface my answers […]

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Things to know BEFORE you start IVF

June 8, 2014Carole 1 Comment »

My local paper carried this article, ” 10 Things Fertility Clinics Won’t Tell You“, by ELizabeth O’Brien. which provides in one article, much important information which patients considering IVF should understand before they start treatments. Read her article and then if you want more information – with many more links to even more information- check […]

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What I couldn’t say when I was working full time in IVF

June 1, 2014Carole 4 Comments »

Before I started my own medical writing consulting business,¬† I was an IVF lab director. When I was working for someone else, there was a lot I couldn’t say to patients because that was not my role. I still don’t give medical advice, but I often couldn’t give lab-related advice that might be considered critical […]

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