Things to know BEFORE you start IVF

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My local paper carried this article, ” 10 Things Fertility Clinics Won’t Tell You“, by ELizabeth O’Brien. which provides in one article, much important information which patients considering IVF should understand before they start treatments. Read her article and then if you want more information – with many more links to even more information- check out these previous Fertility Lab Insider posts for each of the 10 topics. You might want to bookmark this page and come back for IVF info in smaller doses. 🙂 Good Luck!!!

1. We can’t change basic biology

Female Infertility Diagnosis: Ovarian Reserve

The embryo beauty pageant and why your eggs don’t care if you yoga

What is aneuploidy?

Egg vacuoles in IVF

Female Infertility Diagnosis: plumbing Problems

Epididymis: Where sperm get fine-tuned and functional

Sperm Morphology: Kruger’s Strict vs. WHO criteria: what’s the difference?

Izumo, Meet Juno: Fertilization Receptors revealed

2. You might be using the wrong drug or wrong doctor

Finding a good fertility doctor…part one

Advocating for yourself: Finding a good IVF clinic

Interview your doctor

Common practices of the best IVF clinics

Finding your “best fit” IVF program

3. We’ll break the bank

Affordable IVF?

Insurance coverage for IVF

Financial planning for Infertility Treatments

Stretching the Infertility Dollar

How to get insurance coverage to pay for IVF : and a new forum to get help

Widespread access to effective infertility treatments remains elusive: what you can do to change that

New study on IVF insurance in the US

Is your fertility doctor a predatory lender?

Infertility and the Affordable Care Act: Part One

The politics of Affordable IVF

Will the Affordable Care Act make Fertility Care Affordable?

4. Our money-back guarantee isn’t such a great deal

Paying for IVF: Shared Risk Programs

5. We don’t have a good handle on every health risk

Gambling with twins, triplets and more

ASRM 2013 Update: Safety: Effect of the ART Lab Environment

ASRM 2013 Update:Safety: Singleton Pregnancy

ASRM 2013 Update: ART Safety: The Twin Effect

IVM Concerns: Large Offspring Syndrome

6. Where you live may determine how this goes

Using CDC reports to find a good fertility doctor…part two.

7. Seek out support.

Infertility Support Groups

8. Good Luck understanding our success rates

How do you know your IVF clinic is good?

Also see many of the posts under the topic 2  and 6 above which also address the issue of how and why to use the free public US success rates databases (on the CDC and SART websites) to find better than average clinics.

9. Maybe it’s time to stop treatment

When is it time to stop IVF?

Are you addicted to IVF?

Is IVF working for you? what are the signs of a good IVF cycle?

10. Preserving your fertility, don’t bank on it.

Egg freezing: you’ve come a long way baby

 Finding a good egg freezing clinic

Egg freezing lost “experimental” label but still not routine for all labs


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