You need IVF but can’t afford it. What next?

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So you just received the devastating news that you and your beloved won’t be having children the old fashioned way because one or both of you have some reproductive medical issues that are getting in your way. IVF could help you but you can’t afford the $20,000 average price of an IVF cycle. You looked into adoption but that can cost twice as much, especially if you are adopting a child overseas or you may already be too old to adopt because of some adoption rules. So what can you do?

You might want to look at some strategies for finding insurance that covers IVF treatment or determine whether your employer’s insurance plan may already actually provide some of the benefits you need. Or if you can make a compelling business sense to do so (and you can), you might be surprised to find your employer may well add IVF benefits to the company plan.

Fertility within Reach is a non-profit organization that can be your guide in understanding the facts behind insurance coverage for infertility to:

1) determine what your existing insurance plan will cover.

2) talk to your fertility  doctor about your options.

3) explain to your HR department why adding IVF insurance may well benefit the company with minimal cost.

4) talk to your legislator about why the current state laws need to be changed to add infertility coverage to basic insurance plans.

Money Magazine recently interviewed Davina Fankhauser, Co-founder of Fertility Within Reach about how FWR can help people suffering from infertility negotiate the insurance maze.  Davina is an amazing advocate for infertility patients. I met her in person at last year’s ASRM meeting in Boston -although we’d spoken by phone and emailed for more than a year before. I was and continue to be impressed by her passion to help others help themselves. She’s a small person, but an energetic dynamo when it comes to making a difference for fertility patients.

She will tell you that you are not alone and you do have options to explore.  You can read the Money Magazine article  online or buy the print copy at new stands now. You can also see a list of other resources for conception help here.

Don’t assume that you can’t afford IVF. You may have options you don’t know you have. Check out Fertility Within Reach’s website  and see what you can do for yourself. You might even surprise yourself by just how powerful you can be!




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