Fireworks at Fertilization

December 26, 2014Carole 4 Comments »

A new study shows that the genesis of a new human being is accompanied by fireworks. The amazing fireworks display that the egg puts on using zinc atoms when the egg is fertilized is shown in the video below.

In an article published in Nature Chemistry, Dr. Theresa Woodruff and her team discovered that the newly fertilized egg releases tiny packages of one million zinc atoms each that creates waves of light, called zinc sparks. These waves of lights happen four to five times in the first hours after fertilization and are necessary steps for the egg to begin its development to an embryo.

This discovery could be the beginnings of an analytical method to distinguish the healthiest fertilized eggs among a group of in vitro fertilized eggs. Being able to better select the healthiest fertilized eggs would increase the likelihood that only one embryo can be selected forĀ  transfer and that the selected single embryo will be able to go the distance, implant and produce a healthy pregnancy and child.

Here is another article about this discovery with quotes from the team.

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