Making your case for IVF coverage

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The dance between doctors and insurance companies  to get medical procedures covered is a common part of medical treatment. Doctors will often write letters to the insurance company to confirm that the patient 1) needs the procedure and 2) the procedure is likely to work or provide benefit to the patient.

You can enlist your doctor’s help and provide him with ammunition to use in his letter on your behalf by visiting the Fertility Within Reach website  at and checking out all their free resources.

Tip of the Day. If you provide your first name and your email to sign up for their newsletter, you will get a free copy of Policymaker’s Guide to Infertility Health Benefits. This booklet contains lots of easily digestible facts to share with your insurance company and/or your employer that demonstrate that fertility benefits for everyone- and specifically you!!- are a win-win for all concerned.

Fertility Within Reach also offers patient coaching for a fee if you want it but there is a lot of free information that is very accessible on the web site and there is no pressure to buy the coaching sessions. But if you want to have a patient navigator, there is no one better than Fertility Within Reach founder Davina to coach you. She has been an infertility patient herself and knows what having infertility coverage means for a patient. The website and Policymaker’s guide are a compilation of all the wisdom she has accumulated over the years helping patients get access to IVF coverage.

Other resources for advocating for insurance benefits:

Via Fertility Within Reach:

Infertility Insurance Resource Information by State:

Free Policy Makers Guide:

Communicating with your Insurance Provider:

Communicating with your Employer:

Via Patient Advocacy Foundation (General medical- not infertility specific)

How to Write an Appeal Letter if you are denied:

Remember that just because you don’t have coverage or your coverage is incomplete today- that doesn’t mean that it needs to stay that way. There are effective methods to get the coverage you need and organizations to guide you on your way.

UPDATE: If you are in Massachusetts, Fertility Within Reach is having a special seminar on empowering patients to get health insurance coverage. The event is happening on May 16, 2015 This workshop is called, Funding Fertility Treatment: Empowering Yourself to Access Insurance Benefits & Financial Resources and is being held in Natick, MA.  For more information and to register, go  to Davina’s blog post.

FWR Funding Fertility Tx Workshop


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