Financial Assistance Grants for Infertility Patients

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As the technology for infertility treatments improve more and more- the bigger issue for many couples is not finding a good treatment option for them but finding a means to pay the costs of those treatments. Did you know that there are foundations and organizations that offer grants to patients with financial need to help with costs associated with infertility?

You can find an up-to-date list of grants  to support infertility treatments, adoption, fertility preservation, fertility medication discounts and military discounts on the Fertility Within Reach website. The following foundations offer grants to pay for infertility treatments: AGC Scholarship Foundation, The Angels of Hope Foundation, BabyQuest Foundation, The Kyle and Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, The Cade Foundation,
The Fertility Foundation of Texas, 
INCIID IVF Scholarships, Journey to Parenthood, Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation, The Life Foundation, New York State Infertility Demonstration Program, Pay-It-Forward Foundation,  Sparkles of Life.

Other foundations offer grants to pay for the costs of adoption:  National Adoption Foundation Financial Programs, Gift of Adoption Fund,  Help Us Adopt.ORG, Show Hope.

You can also find grants to pay for fertility preservation prior to undergoing cancer treatment or for infertility treatments for cancer survivors: Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program, and Fertile Action.

The non-profit organization Fertility within Reach also offers grants through its Banking on the Future grant program to pay for preservation and storage of gametes for young patients  (under 21) faced with cancer treatments.

There are also programs that offer grants or discounts to cover the costs of fertility medications including IVF Greenlight offered by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc. , Compassionate Care by EMD Serono, or the First Steps Program offered by DesignRx pharmacies.

You should also know that your fertility clinic is likely to be open to offering you a discount for cash or military service discounts if you or your partner are in the military. It never hurts to ask your clinic or your pharmacy directly about unadvertised discounts they may have.

For military veterans and their spouses, The Compassionate Corps Program provides free fertility medication to those who are eligible. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Each program has varied eligibility requirements and it may seem daunting to search through them all. Fortunately, Fertility Within Reach has summarized the eligibility requirements for each of these programs on their site. To find the eligibility requirements for each of these,  visit Fertility Within Reach’s website financial assistance grants page to find the  grants that you can apply for. Also, check out Fertility Within Reach’s   Financial Assistance Application Guide.  This page provides tips on how to properly fill out a grant application to ensure you have an opportunity for consideration.

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