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November 15, 2015Carole 1 Comment »

If you are looking for a smart, empathetic blog about current IVF information written by someone who is still on their infertility journey – look no further. A months old website, Smart Fertility Choices , written by Kym Campbell,  is an inspiring mix of blog posts and pod casts. What makes her blog different from most is she is diligent about digging into the scientific basis for all questions IVF and is not afraid to speak to experts directly on her podcasts. She reads and references published journal articles to back up her summaries on various topics. I also like that her blog does not currently post advertisements and all the info is free. In her podcasts, she interviews experts in the field for their perspective on best practices.

Kym starts her second pod cast with her own infertility journey. In future podcasts, Kym  plans to interview women who are still on their infertility journey. I think it is so very important to have a place to share these stories so that women know that they are not alone in these experiences. Kym realizes that it is important to share not only the “had a baby” success stories but also show how couples have found a meaningful life after infertility treatments even if the original path to parenthood took a zig-zag or if that future life is child-free.

The other thing I like about Kym’s approach is that she is not passive about her healthcare –she asks questions of her doctors, and other experts to better understand what options she has and the pros and cons of different options. Her story of seeing 6 specialists is very instructive because it illustrates that not all specialists are equal in quality–and that if your gut tells you something about the treatment plan does not make sense or your doctor’s style of communication is not a good fit- it is perfectly fine to move on and talk to someone else.

On her website, Kym provides resources for working toward your best physical and mental health prior to and during your infertility treatments. Starting with good overall health is important not only because it might shorten your infertility journey, but supporting your emotional health as you undergo the rigors of treatment makes it easier to tolerate the inevitable emotional roller coaster that are a side effect of treatment. Being in your best physical condition also prepares you for the actual physical demands of pregnancy. Kym shares information about mindfulness exercises, acupuncture and other adjunct therapies which were very useful for her and may be useful for other patients. These resources are intended to  help patients take the long view because everyone needs to find happiness in life, however the infertility journey ends.

Kym knows a little something of taking life by its tail and living it to the fullest. She grew up in Seattle, Washington, moved to  California for college to study Economics, then traveled to Australia for a study-abroad program in 2001. Returning to Australia for a Masters in Accounting in 2004, she fell in love with the sun, surfing and musical inspiration she found in Australia. She picked up a guitar and began writing songs, her music career culminating with international success, including touring in Japan. You can hear her beautiful island inspired music on You tube, and every podcast “cheekily” ends with one of her songs.  As an admitted “Type A” personality, when she and her husband ran into obstacles with starting her family, she plunged into this new fertility challenge with the same amazing (to me) energy and enthusiasm she’d shown for economics, surfing and music.  I think you will enjoy meeting her and joining her on her journey as she works through various options, without losing her sense of humor and her love of life. You may find her attitude inspirational. I do.



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