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Some of my favorite blogs

Stirrup Queen’s List of Blogs or as Mel, the Stirrup Queen prefers I refer to it — “the Stirrup Queen’s Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer”.

Stirrup Queens: Dispatches from the land Of If, cities in Between and points beyond…. Melissa Ford, the uber Fertility Blogger is on a mission to make the whole infertility experience sharable and survivable. Check out her blog for a virtual hug.

Owning Pink:Redefining women’s health: for heart, mind, body, and spirit. A blog for patients and healthcare providers who feel that working together is the best medicine.

The 2Week wait. A very funny, witty blog about IF. Read her blog today and when she goes national on Comedy Central, you can say, I knew her when…

Grief, Interrupted. A blog about recognizing and honoring all sorts of loss.

Laughing IS Conceivable, five minutes of laughter, five days a week. Lori  Shandle-Fox, stand-up comic and essayist tackles the stress of infertility with humor. Check it out. Your mother was right- laughter is the best medicine!

Psychosocial aspects of infertility:

Jana M Rupnow, Fertility and Family Counselor, offers on-line counseling sessions from her Dallas location. Jana is very familiar with adoption issues, being adopted herself and having adopted a child from China. She is also active in international adoption,creating a program called Hope for Liberia in conjunction with Hope International to help orphans in West Africa.

Also check out Jana’s new blog FertilitySeeds.


Lori Shandle-Fox finds the funny in infertility. If you can’t laugh at some of her stories, you can’t laugh. Period. You can buy her e-book, “Laughing is Conceivable”¬† through Amazon, using this link.