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You (and your sperm) are what you eat

October 20, 2011Carole No Comments »

We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat”, meaning that good dietary habits will positively influence how you look and feel overall. But did you expect that the food you eat might have an effect on your sperm? Two new studies presented at this week’s American Society for the Study of Reproduction (ASRM)’s […]

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Medications that can impair sperm quality and fertility

October 17, 2011Carole 45 Comments »

One of the routine questions that patients get asked when they submit a semen sample for analysis is “Have you taken any medications in the last 60 days?” The 60 days is relevant because it takes around 60-70 days for a sperm cell to be produced and so exposures that occurred two months earlier may […]

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The Ethical Debate: Reproduction after Death

September 28, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

With technology comes new opportunities and always new ethical questions. I subscribe to a professional andrology list-serve group to keep up to date on the sperm side of things. Most of the topics are usually medically oriented  for male urologists but recently there’s been a pretty animated discussion about the ethics of posthumous sperm retrieval […]

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Wait to start IVF after pregnancy?

September 12, 2011Carole 3 Comments »

My posts have been fewer lately but but this morning I found a patient comment that tugged me back to the blog. On an old post, Wishing for a Happy Father’s Day, Elizabeth left me this comment and question: “I miss your insightful posts. Here’s a post idea: IVF after pregnancy. Need to wait awhile […]

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Got cancer? You can probably get your IVF covered.

March 29, 2011Carole 4 Comments »

Today I had an inquiry from a student who is writing about access to infertility treatments and the role of insurance coverage to increase access to infertility treatments. Her inquiry got me thinking about one exception to the pretty universal denial of coverage for fertility treatments- the cancer diagnosis. As many of you know from […]

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Rejuvenating gonads with stem cells

January 12, 2011Carole 28 Comments »

Harvard scientist Jon Tilly proposed a radical new idea about how eggs are produced that called for the existence of ovarian stem cells which could continually produce new eggs. Stem cells are accepted as essential to sperm production in males. In men, the sperm stem cells (called spermatogonia)  produce daughter cells that either make the […]

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Bisphenol A (BPA) and egg quality

December 27, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

In their study, “Serum unconjugated bisphenol A concentrations in women may adversely influence oocyte quality during in vitro fertilization” published in Fertility & Sterility , University of California researchers reported a direct link between detectable amounts of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) in IVF patient’s blood and reduced egg quality. BPA is a well-known endocrine […]

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Older IVF patients, cancer and parenting

December 10, 2010Carole 4 Comments »

The sad news that Elizabeth Edwards, estranged wife of politician John Edwards,  died this week at the age of 61 after a long struggle with cancer made me reflect on several issues related to IVF. Mrs. Edwards family life was complicated in that she and John had four children, two early in the marriage  and […]

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Airport security scans and fertility

December 1, 2010Carole No Comments »

It’s the holiday travel season and the new full body scans used for airport security are on everyone’s mind. Aside from issues about civil liberties, are these scans safe? On the internet, you will easily find hysteria based on bad facts, unfounded fears and conspiracy theorists who believe that our government is trying to kill […]

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Risks to health and fertility from everyday chemicals: Legislation

November 22, 2010Carole 1 Comment »

Remember that great scene in the movie, The Graduate, where Dustin Hoffman plays Benjamin Braddock, a young man concerned about his future and he receives this memorable advice from one of his parent’s friends, Mr McGuire? “Mr. McGuire: I just want to say one word to you – just one word. Ben: Yes sir. Mr. […]

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