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Patient tools for finding the best IVF clinics, infertility care and support

May 3, 2017Carole 10 Comments »

Chapter 10: Patient Tools (from e-book Fertility Lab Insider, available on Amazon,) Questions for the RE and Clinic About the Reproductive Endocrinologist: Board certified in Reproduction, Endocrinology and Infertility? Years experience? How many years has this program been open? Number of REs in the group? Do patients see same physician, nurses each time? Where does […]

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Why infertility insurance for everyone matters

November 13, 2016Carole 2 Comments »

If you have been reading this blog, you probably need help building your family.  There are many reasons you might turn to IVF or other infertility services: you are infertile and sex won’t make you or your partner pregnant. you are in a same-sex relationship and sex with your partner won’t make you pregnant. you […]

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Zika Virus: What should infertility patients do?

January 31, 2016Carole 2 Comments »

NEW UPDATE FROM ASRM REGARDING ZIKA VIRUS AND REPRODUCTION (as of 4/6/2016): Open pdf from this link: The guidance  in the pdf is for providers but I think patients should be aware of the recommendations that professional societies are giving to medical providers so that they can be sure they are getting the best […]

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A new blog: Smart Fertility Choices

November 15, 2015Carole 1 Comment »

If you are looking for a smart, empathetic blog about current IVF information written by someone who is still on their infertility journey – look no further. A months old website, Smart Fertility Choices , written by Kym Campbell,  is an inspiring mix of blog posts and pod casts. What makes her blog different from […]

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Financial Assistance Grants for Infertility Patients

October 17, 2015Carole 2 Comments »

As the technology for infertility treatments improve more and more- the bigger issue for many couples is not finding a good treatment option for them but finding a means to pay the costs of those treatments. Did you know that there are foundations and organizations that offer grants to patients with financial need to help […]

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Q from U: if I transfer this embryo, will I get pregnant?

June 6, 2015Carole 51 Comments »

One question that comes up again and again from IVF patients is: If I transfer this embryo, will I get pregnant?  Patients send me their pictures of embryos and ask me to evaluate them and predict whether this embryo is “the one” that will become their longed for child. I deeply understand this need to […]

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Making your case for IVF coverage

April 20, 2015Carole No Comments »

The dance between doctors and insurance companies  to get medical procedures covered is a common part of medical treatment. Doctors will often write letters to the insurance company to confirm that the patient 1) needs the procedure and 2) the procedure is likely to work or provide benefit to the patient. You can enlist your […]

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Can supplements really improve sperm quality?

January 25, 2015Carole No Comments »

One of the questions I often get is from patients who want to know if there is a supplement they can take to restore their fertility. Some of the supplements are little more than a tweaked daily vitamin with a “fertility optimized” mix of vitamins. They probably won’t hurt you but hard scientific evidence is […]

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Q from U: How many embryos should I transfer?

September 26, 2014Carole 6 Comments »

The question of how many embryos to transfer in a fresh IVF transfer comes up fairly often in one form or another. The question below is derived from one recently asked. Q:. I’m starting my first IVF cycle, just before I turn 41. At age 37/38, I had done two cycles to freeze eggs, and […]

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Q from U: When should you consider donor eggs?

August 13, 2014Carole 4 Comments »

I received this question from a reader today: When a woman (very close to 40 ) has her first IVF cycle and responds great to medication, they retrieve 13 eggs – and only 1 fertilizes (with great sperm) and some of the eggs appear to have abnormalities, does she chalk it up to bad eggs […]

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