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You need IVF but can’t afford it. What next?

July 16, 2014Carole No Comments »

So you just received the devastating news that you and your beloved won’t be having children the old fashioned way because one or both of you have some reproductive medical issues that are getting in your way. IVF could help you but you can’t afford the $20,000 average price of an IVF cycle. You looked […]

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Things to know BEFORE you start IVF

June 8, 2014Carole 1 Comment »

My local paper carried this article, ” 10 Things Fertility Clinics Won’t Tell You“, by ELizabeth O’Brien. which provides in one article, much important information which patients considering IVF should understand before they start treatments. Read her article and then if you want more information – with many more links to even more information- check […]

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What I couldn’t say when I was working full time in IVF

June 1, 2014Carole 4 Comments »

Before I started my own medical writing consulting business,  I was an IVF lab director. When I was working for someone else, there was a lot I couldn’t say to patients because that was not my role. I still don’t give medical advice, but I often couldn’t give lab-related advice that might be considered critical […]

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Happy Mother’s Day?

May 11, 2014Carole No Comments »

We have a lush pine-filled park  a couple of blocks from the house and I often hike the trails when I need to get outside and de-clutter my brain. I was hiking the trail today and I like to say “Hello!” or “Good Morning!” or “Good Afternoon!” or whatever to the folks I pass. Most […]

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Stress Biomarker Associated with Infertility

April 18, 2014Carole 1 Comment »

A recent study by researcher Courtney Lynch, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center showed that sustained levels of stress was associated with a longer time to conception. The study was performed by conducting questionnaires regarding perceived stress, testing for biomarkers of stress in saliva samples and charting the […]

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Post-Thaw Evaluation of Embryos

March 23, 2014Carole 148 Comments »

I received this email from a reader who wanted to know more about the process for thawing and assessment of embryos that have been cryopreserved. This last cycle involved a FET of a day 5 and day 6 blastocyst from an earlier IVF that we were not able to complete a transfer for.  The embryos […]

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Preimplantation Genetic Testing -Barriers to its use and development

March 21, 2014Carole 11 Comments »

Amy Klein, who writes the Fertility Diary column at the New York Times and blogs at In Vitro. wrote a provocative Slate article, Embryo Testing Should Not be Controversial:Fears of designer babies,eugenics, and abortion are inhibiting research and medicine .which takes up some of the barriers to societal acceptance and full technical optimization of embryo […]

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What are the safety and ethical implications of mitochondrial transfer?

March 1, 2014Carole No Comments »

In my last post, I wrote about the basics of mitochondrial transfer, how it works, what is new and what is almost two decades old. In a nutshell, it is a method used within the context of IVF to swap out mutated mitochondrial DNA with healthy DNA from a donor either just before or after […]

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Hope: the Double Edged Sword

January 26, 2014Carole 1 Comment »

I just finished reading this article in Elle, “$47,000 Dollars Later, I have no baby: The IVF Scam”.  The author Ali Margo, at 43, has finally given up hope that she will ever have her own genetic child and feels, well, robbed. I also read this rebuttal from someone who works for one of the […]

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Why this blogger is not a doctor substitute

January 25, 2014Carole 2 Comments »

So here’s the thing. I am not an MD and have no desire to be one. Still, I get lots of questions from patients that stray into territory that belongs between the patient and their doctor. For example, should I try lab test/procedure A or B? My answer is usually something like, based on my […]

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