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The link between Cystic Fibrosis and infertility

November 14, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

Andrologists performing semen analysis sometimes encounter  patients with no sperm in their ejaculate. There can be many reasons for “shooting blanks” ; the sperm factory could be closed (spermatogenesis failure) or the plumbing could be blocked (previous scarring from infection or a vasectomy) or the plumbing could actually be missing. The tubing that connects each […]

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Fertility Lab Insider listed among top web sources for infertilty info

October 15, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

It’s always nice to get a thumbs-up for your work. I got this email today from Lilly McCann, journalist, copywriter and representative from on-line pharmacy KwikMed. “Hi Carole, I am pleased to inform you that Fertility Lab Insider has been recognized for excellence due to the contribution its top quality editorial offers the infertility advice world. KwikMed […]

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Talking to your donor-conceived child about their conception

June 18, 2012Carole No Comments »

Now for something a little different. Usually, I talk about the “how-to” of donor conception but the real heavy-lifting comes after the fact. Most IVF programs who offer third-party conception options (donor sperm, donor egg or embryo) typically encourage or require their patients to consider psychological counseling so that they have an opportunity to consider […]

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Great Infertility Read: Laughing is Conceivable

May 24, 2012Carole No Comments »

Hey Readers, just wanted to let you know about a great new e-book from a former infertility patient and stand-up comic who  manages to find the funny in the infertility treatment madness. For less than the price of a Latte at Starbucks, you can do yourself some good by having a laugh at infertility’s expense. […]

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Belated 2 year “Blogaversery”

May 10, 2012Carole No Comments »

Like a forgetful spouse, I missed my two year  “blogaversary” last week on May 3rd, 2012. In the last two years, I have tried to answer as many questions as I can from patients both through my blog and as many of you know, through my contact email. In the two years, the most popular […]

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Personhood Bills Threaten IVF

May 2, 2012Carole 1 Comment »

You might think that the infertility community has nothing in common with the ProChoice community, but you would be very wrong. Both groups risk access to reproductive health care if the numerous personhood bills pending in various states are actually passed. If you haven’t already run across these personhood bills, they all have in common […]

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A voice for progressive medicine

April 24, 2012Carole No Comments »

Ever wonder what your physician is thinking? Well, in lieu of truth serum or ESP, you might find some answers at Kevin, a social media medical blog. The physician viewpoints expressed through his blog are especially timely because health care in the US is such a hot political topic. This aggregate medical blog, created […]

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Meta-analysis: Increased Risk for Birth Defects from IVF/ICSI vs Spontaneous Conception

April 23, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

The on-line version of Fertility and Sterility published a review of 56 previous studies; “Birth defects in children Conceived by in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a meta-analysis”on April 3, 2012, epub ahead of print. This study found an increased relative risk (RR) of congenital birth defects reported in children conceived with either IVF […]

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Real time embryo development

November 25, 2011Carole 1 Comment »

Ever wondered what your embryo was up to during the five days it spent in the IVF incubator? Well, here’s a beautiful time-lapse video of embryo development from pronuclear stage (when fertilization is determined) to the blastocyst stage (when the embryo is implantation-ready). One of my most popular posts is about the progression of embryo […]

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Embryo Personhood Laws

November 7, 2011Carole 6 Comments »

In Mississippi, the Supreme Court approved a ballot initiative that, if successful, would define a fertilized egg as a human being. Specifically, if approved by the voters, the new law reads“The term ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” I blogged about this […]

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