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FDA cracking down on non-compliant IVF programs

April 2, 2013Carole 8 Comments »

The FDA appears to be getting more serious about IVF program compliance with their regulations, specifically regarding whether a person is medically eligible to donate gametes. Used to be, you never or rarely found a warning letter to an IVF clinic but fairly recently, there were two issued, for a clinic in Florida  and one […]

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Update on post: Embryo Donation Registry: An idea whose time has come?

December 1, 2012Carole 4 Comments »

Anyone with a compassionate heart understands why couples want to have children and start families. Sometimes these couples need help from ART to conceive. Some of these couples may even need donated  gametes (eggs and/or sperm)  or embryos from non-related donors to establish a family.  The immediate focus for both ART providers and patients is […]

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Embryos for Donation: Where are the ethical boundaries?

November 25, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

Recently Dr. Craig Sweet of Sweet Fertility published a thought-provoking blog post entitled “Why Creating McEmbryos is Plain Wrong” which describes his misgivings with the alleged practices of another infertility clinic, California Conceptions, as reported in a recent LA Times article, “An Ethics debate over embryos on the cheap”. In the article, LA Times reporter […]

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Mixed blessings: Family members and Third Party Reproduction

October 17, 2012Carole 5 Comments »

Sometimes family members do much more to help with infertility treatments than provide emotional support and advice. Some family members may donate gametes or carry a pregnancy for a relative. This act of generosity can make the difference for some couples but also has the potential to cause family rifts if entered into without sufficient […]

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Unintended Consequences: Rethinking Anonymous Third Party Reproduction

July 25, 2012Carole 23 Comments »

As an embryologist by training and experience, my focus is usually on the technical aspects of IVF. But when I become aware of unintended consequences arising from high tech reproduction, I am forced to reconsider the status quo of how we provide assisted reproductive services to patients. I have been following a heated discussion regarding […]

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Ethics Question: What age is old enough to donate gametes?

July 13, 2012Carole 15 Comments »

Craig Sweet, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist, recently published a thought provoking article which argues for reducing the minimum recommended age for egg donation from 21 (as ASRM Guidelines recommend) to 18. You can read his entire piece here. He argues persuasively that women of 18 years (and younger) are able to make decisions about their […]

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Unconstitutional sperm donation regulations? Really?

July 10, 2012Carole 2 Comments »

A recent Huff Post story caught my eye ,”Sperm Donation Lawsuit: Woman Sues FDA Over Sperm Donation Regulations (VIDEO)” . The facts of the story are this: A woman and her female partner desire to have a child together. Obviously, they require sperm to produce a child. They feel that the FDA required sperm-testing regulations […]

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Talking to your donor-conceived child about their conception

June 18, 2012Carole No Comments »

Now for something a little different. Usually, I talk about the “how-to” of donor conception but the real heavy-lifting comes after the fact. Most IVF programs who offer third-party conception options (donor sperm, donor egg or embryo) typically encourage or require their patients to consider psychological counseling so that they have an opportunity to consider […]

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Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign to Lose Federal Funding

April 9, 2012Carole 7 Comments »

According to the Bionews report Frozen embryo ‘adoption’ scheme to lose US government funding,   the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will not request funding  for continued support of the Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign and the program will be discontinued in 2013.  This Campaign was created in 2007 by Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a Pro-life […]

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Surrogacy vs. Baby selling: How to tell the difference

March 12, 2012Carole No Comments »

When is surrogacy not really surrogacy? The recent legal case of attorney Theresa Erickson sheds considerable light on at least one way to manipulate and defraud both intended parents and gestational carriers and redefine surrogacy as baby-selling for personal gain. Most IVF programs in the US will produce embryos for couples (usually using their own […]

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