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Information on Zika Virus infection- Source list

August 25, 2016Carole 2 Comments »

Over the last few months, the information about the risks of ZIKA virus infection have been accumulating. Below are some reputable sources for information. See all CDC fact sheets and posters on Zika here: ASRM’s statements on Zika Virus dangers: Bottom line: Zika infection is one cause of microcephaly in infants in utero. […]

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The trust factor in ART

January 16, 2014Carole No Comments »

Some time ago I wrote a post called,  “Hey Doc, Is that my IUI sperm?” which was a cautionary tale about a 72 year old physician who routinely used his own semen to impregnate his IUI patients. In that post, I give patients some  practical tips about what they can do to protect themselves. A […]

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Q from U: How detrimental are vacuoles in sperm?

September 15, 2013Carole No Comments »

Another blog post idea came in from a patient recently. Question: I would like to see a topic on what happens for those with vacuoles on the sperm. 1) Can sperm that looks normal but has vacuoles actually penetrate the egg? Or do they lack the ability to do so? 2) What does it look […]

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Happy World Embryologist Day: July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013Carole 2 Comments »

Last October, a few embryologists led by Liesl Nel-Themaat of Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology organized a survey of embryologists to see whether they’d like to organize a holiday to celebrate the profession of IVF technicians (embryologists and andrologists) . The survey is available on-line here.  Anyway, the results of the survey were: Name of holiday: World […]

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