Links to more information

Here are some links to other websites if you want more information on a specific topic.

Patient Tools:

CDC pregnancy outcomes: Report Cards for ART programs reported to CDC  (all programs)

SART reported pregnancy outcomes: subset of CDC reports

Fertility Authority; a comprehensive, interactive online network for women — and men — seeking fertility and infertility information, advice, referrals and appointments.

Reproductive Health:

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

CDC Reproductive Health page

National Toxicology Program: Center for the evaluation of  risks to human reproduction.

Preconception Care:

March of Dimes Website

Infertility Support Groups:


Fertile Hope


Fertile Thoughts

Paying for Infertility Treatments:

Must See Video: Financial Planning for Family Building;  Tips for getting access to fertility treatments through insurance, global travel, other programs supporting financial needs of patients. etc. Charities that provide assistance including Baby Quest Foundation. Tips for negotiating best price from your physician/clinic. Estate planning for couples, especially same sex couples, who may not have the financial authority for their partner if their marriage is not recognized. IVF4Everyone website helps with creative methods to fund IVF including crowdsourcing.

Fertility Preservation:

My Oncofertility, website filled with patient support resources

Oncofertility Consortium, NIH supported initiative to advance research and patient options for fertility preservation.

Participatory Medicine

The Society for Participatory Medicine The Society was founded to learn about and promote Participatory Medicine through writing, speaking, social networking, and other channels. A blog for patients and physicians who agree that working together makes the best healthcare.

More Information on Adoption and Infertility treatments:

Creating A Family Website offers some great links and information on adoption and also on infertility.

Creating a Family adoption resources page has a wealth of valuable links to more information about all aspects of adoption.

Fertility Blogs

Support for dealing with Grief and Loss

Grief, Interrupted, Meet Michelle Buzgon, certified life and grief coach and read her blog which is about  recognizing and honoring all kinds of loss.

Egg Banks

My Egg Bank ; Egg bank associated with Reproductive Biology Associates, a high volume IVF program with above average national rates (RBA reported greater than 40% pregnancy rate per retrieval or transfer, 2010 data; note that the egg bank reports higher pregnancy rates from donor eggs than for patient IVF cycles which is expected).

Traveling for IVF care- infertility treatment is global

Global IVF : Website devoted to traveling for IVF care including cost comparison chart comparing services’ costs globally.